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Recruitment Consultant

As Recruitment Consultant you will be responsible for:

Interfacing with our Clients – Developing & Managing Business Relations
Understanding the Company’s Current Business & Future Plans
Understanding the Job Description & Position Profile
Uploading Position Profile & Job Description @ www.econnexions.in
Mapping of companies where to source candidates from
Short listing of Resumes
Interfacing & talking to candidates – understanding their career aspirations & explaining the Job Description & Company’s Business Plan
Getting resumes from candidates
Uploading resumes @ www.econnexions.in
Interfacing with Clients for Short listing of candidates & Interviews
Interfacing with candidates for interviews
Follow up for Medical Examination, reference Checks, Offer Letters, Joining Dates
Raising of Invoice as soon as candidate joins his duties
Follow up for Professional fees Release
Follow up for TDS certificates
MIS Report
Any Other related work.

We are looking for candidates with or without experience. Those without experience will be trained to pursue their career in Recruitment.

Freshers will be considered for the positions of Trainee Recruitment Consultants.

Experienced Candidates will be considered for Recruitment Consultant / Senior Recruitment Consultant / Branch Operations Manager (CST Location)

Position & No.s of Vacancies
Contact Person
Telephone Numbers

Trainee Recruitment Consultant – 4
31, Empire Building, DN Road, CST, Mumbai – 1 – Landmark above McDonalds
Ms. Sonal Patil

Trainee Recruitment Consultant – 2
28-A, Collectors Colony, Chembur, Mumbai – 74
Ms Sangeeta Gehani
25530839 / 40 / 72

Trainee Recruitment Consultant – 4
B – 232 Mainframe – I, Royal Palm Acres, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon East
Ms. Sharmila Basu
28710350 – 6

To Reach Goregaon Office – Take BEST Bus or Private Contract Bus from Goregaon East Railway Station. Bus Frequency – 5 minutes – Drive Time – 15 Minutes
To Reach Chembur Office – From Kurla East Station Take Bus 361 – 362 or 363 & get down @ Chembur Camp. Ask for Collectors Colony. Once U enter the colony – First Lane – Right Hand Side – 3rd Bunglow
From CST Station – Walk down to McDonalds in 2 minutes – We are in the same building on the first floor.

If interested send us your resume affixed with coloured photograph & or meet us in any of our office where you intend to work by fixing an appointment with concerned person.

NOTE: Well Groomed Candidates with experience will be considered for Business Development positions as well. – Since there are multiple positions @ various locations you could communicate this to your Batch mates – colleagues – Friends – Relatives – & well Wishers who aspire for Career in Recruitment Function – a domain of Human Resource.

We will be please to meet you & explore your interest to make a career with us.



31, Empire Building,
Dr. D.N.Road, C.S.T.,
Mumbai – 400001
Phone: 022-22071489
Fax : 022-22077029
Website: www.econnexions.in

Designation: Area Sales Manager

Designation: Area Sales Manager

Role Objective: Managing Sales & Marketing of the entire range of Ecosense products and achieve annual targets
* Business Development
o To generate quality leads that result in sales
o Make presentations of proposals, demonstrations and organize training for professors, HODs, faculty, and other decision making authorities in Universities and higher education institutes to close sales
o Individual contribution to achieve sales performance targets
* Assist in sales/marketing strategy execution
o Identify market expansion opportunities for growth
o Develop and execute sales/marketing strategies and proposals for the assigned region
* Relationship Management
o Relationship management with potential and existing clients
o Establishing relationship with decision making authorities in higher education institutes
o Provide good after sales customer assistance and coordinate with product team for timely and satisfactory issue resolution
* Assistance in product development
o Collect and communicate client feedback to the management and R&D team to facilitate product improvement and new product development
o Engaging Clients for regular follow-up and updates about Ecosense products & services

* Skills
o Sales & Marketing
o Negotiation
o Presentation skills (proficient in MS PowerPoint and MS Excel)
o Strong Inter-personal and communication skills
* Preference shall be given to candidates having knowledge of Tamil & Malyalam languages.

Expected Interview Start Date – ASAP

Mode of Interview – telephonic & Skype

Place of Posting – Chennai

If your profile matches with the requirement and you are looking for change then please send your updated resume at swati.hr@triadss.com with following details

Present CTC
Expected CTC
Notice Period

References are highly welcome.

Thanks & Regards
Triadss Solutions
Phone- +91- 8860092472
Email -swati.hr@triadss.com

HDFC Life Recruiting Any Graduates

Guaranteed Job – Smart Achievers Program

Interview dates July 22nd , 23rd and 25th .Click on the above link for interview details and Venue.
Apply here https://bitly.com/hdfclifejoiningform

We are delighted to inform that you are shortlisted for the selection process of HDFC Life – Smart Achievers Program.
Program Highlights :

  • Course on Insurance sales by Manipal University in association with HDFC Life.
  • Guaranteed job at HDFC Life with a fixed salary of Rs. 2.5 Lakh p.a. on successful course completion
  • Performance based sales incentives over and above salary
  • Assured bonus of Rs. 1.25 Lakh on promotion
  • Earn a stipend of Rs. 16,000 per month during the 6-month internship
  • Education loan assistance through a service provider

Add to your qualification and get a JOB with just one move 
About the Program :
This 12-month Post Graduate Diploma Program in Insurance in association with Manipal University aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the Insurance industry to the participants. It involves 4 months of residential classroom training(Accommodation Free) in the state-of-art Manipal campuses in Bengaluru and Jaipur, 2 months of on-the-job-trainig, and a 6 month paid internship with HDFC Life.
It’s a paid course to start from August first week and need to submit course fee before the course (Education Loan support will be provided , if needed)

Program Structure :
The program aims to cover all the nuances of insurance in just 6 months as well as provide students with hands-on-experience

  • Overview of the BFSI industry
  • Fundamentals of finance and financial markets
  • Detailed concepts of Life Insurance
  • Overview of the core functions within the Life Insurance Industry
  • Building distribution and managing financial consultants
  • Developing effective Sales capabilities
  • Practical On the job Sales experience
  • Soft skills development viz. Communication skills, Team Management etc

Fees, Eligibility & Selection :

  • Fees – INR 1.25 Lakh
  • Eligibility – Graduation in any stream from a recognized university
  • Selection process – The candidatwes will be selected by HDFC Life based on the performance in personal interview

Are you in the right job?

Needs and aspirations of every individual keeps changing at different phases of their life. When we are in our student life, getting good marks is the goal of life. Once you pass exams with good marks, getting admissions to good Universities becomes the goal. Then getting a nice paying job. Once we get the job, then most of them stop thinking about career. Either they may jump to another job with higher pay or continue in the same with some fixed increments year after year. But is this the right thing to do? What are the things you should cross check before you get saturated in that job?

Here is a nice article on that, keep reading.


Current Batches – March 2014

Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 am Spoken Hindi
Monday to Friday 10 am to 11 am Spoken English Level 1
Monday to Friday 11 am to 12 Noon Spoken English Advanced
Monday to Friday 6.30pm to 7.30 pm Basic English
Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 10 am Aptitude Training for Competitive Exams

Learning New Language

Whether you want to learn English, Hindi or Kannada first thing you need is passion for the language. Learning a language is not as tough as learning a new subject. It can be fun and entertaining if you really fall in love with the language.

So just start speaking! I am sure you will definitely know few words in the new language. If you want to learn English and if you are reading this post no doubt you know lot of English words. If you are planning to learn Hindi, Kannada or Telugu or any langauge for that matter, first list down the words you know and keep using them everyday.

Start watching songs, movies and advertisements in that langauge. If you are able to read in the language which you are planning to learn, then the job is much more easy. Buy books of your interest, whether it is stories, novels, magazines, sports journals or what ever in that language and start reading them aloud. Reading loud makes you confident in using that language while speaking.

There are lots of videos in youtube, just search English Lesson 1, Kannada lesson 1 etc, select the videos you want and keep watching them. watch them again and again to become used to the language.

Just enjoy your journey of learning new languages.

All the best


Tests of Divisibility


Tests of Divisibility

Test of Divisibility

Suppose you are asked if 16445 is divisible by 11, or when you divide 98670 by 6 what is the remainder? How much time will you need to answer these questions without the use of calculator? But if you know test of divisibility you can answer both the above questions in few seconds. 16445 is divisible by 11 and when we divide 98670 the remainder is zero.
As time is the main factor in most of the competitive exams are all of the objective type questioned tests. In banking exams you might get around one minute to solve such questions and in exams like CAT and GMAT you will get few seconds to answer such questions. Also as you need to keep most of your time for solving questions which does not have short cuts, you need to be thorough in topics which do have some shortcuts to find the answer. Thus you need to know the Tests of divisibility.

What is test of divisibility?
There are some thumb rules to find, if a number is divisible by a particular number or not. If you understand the tests of divisibility for numbers from 1 to 11, the remaining numbers will be easy as they are multiples of any of these numbers.

Let us start with the number 2

A. By 2 = any number is divisible by 2, if the unit digits are even numbers. If the unit place is zero then also the number is divisible by 2
a. E.g. 16440 is divisible by 2 as the last digit is zero.
b. E.g. 78987657654 is divisible by 2 as the last digit is 4 which is an even number

B. By 3 = if the sum of the digits of the given number is divisible by 3 then the number itself is divisible by 3
a. E.g. 923181 is divisible by 3 because the sum of the digits is 24, and 24 is divisible by 3; there fore the given number is divisible by 3.
b. 923182 is not divisible by 3 because, the sum of the digits is 25, and 25 is not divisible by 3.

C. By 4 = if the number formed by last two digits is divisible by 4 then the number is divisible by 4.
a. E.g. 923182 is not divisible by four because the last two digits form 82. And 82 is not divisible by four. Therefore 923182 is not divisible by 4
b. E.g. 923184 is divisible by 4 because the number formed by last two digits is 84 and 84 is divisible by 4.

D. By 5 = if the last digit of the number is 0 or 5 then the number is divisible by 5
a. E.g. 923180 is divisible by 5
b. E.g. 923182 is not divisible by 5

E. By 6 = if the number is divisible by 2 and also 3 then the number is divisible by 6
a. E.g. 923184; the number is divisible by 2, because last digit is even. The sum of the digits is 27 and 27 is divisible by 3. Therefore the number is divisible by both 2 and 3. Thus the number is divisible by 6
b. E.g. 923182; the number is an even number thus it is divisible by 2. The sum of the digits is 25, and 25 is not divisible by 3, thus the number is not divisible by both 2 and 3. It is divisible only by 2. Thus we can conclude that the number is not divisible by 6.

F. By 8 = if the three digit number formed by the last three digits is divisible by 8, then the number itself is divisible by 8
a. E.g. 923182 – here the last three digits form the number 182, and we can see that 182 is not divisible by 8, 182/8 = 22(6/8), we get a remainder of 6, hence 923182 is not divisible by 8
b. E.g. 923184, here the last three digits form 184, and when we divide 184 by 8 we get remainder as zero. 184/8 = 23. Therefore 923184 is divisible by 8
If you would like to cross check, let us see how many times 8 divides 923184.
923184/8 = 115398

G. By 9 = if the sum of the digits is divisible by 9, then the number itself is divisible by 9
a. E.g. Let us take the same example and try to find if the number is divisible by 9. In the number 923182, the total of all digits is 25 and 25 is not divisible by 9. There for 9 does not divide 923182 perfectly.
b. E.g. Let us take 923184, here the sum of the digits is 27, and 27 is divisible by 9. 27/9=3. Therefore 923184 is divisible by 9.

H. By 11 = if the difference between sum of the digits in odd place and sum of the digits in even place is zero or a multiple of 11, then the number is divisible by 11
a. E.g. in 923182 the digits in odd place are 9, 3, and 8 and their sum is 20. The digits in even place are 2, 1 and 2 and their sum is 5. Now 20-5 = 15 this is not divisible by 11. Also 20-5 is not equal to zero. Hence the number is not divisible by 11.
b. E.g. 923186, here the digits in odd place are 9, 3 and 8 their total is 20. Digits in odd place are 2, 1 and 6 and their total is 9. Thus 20-9=11, which is divisible by 11, thus the number is divisible by 11.

I. By 25 = any number ending in 25, 50, 75 or 00 is a multiple of 25.
a. E.g. 923100 is a multiple of 25
b. E.g. 923155 is not a multiple of 25

J. We can have corollary for numbers divisible by 12.
a. E.g. 923184 is divisible 4 (because last two digits 84 is divisible by 4) also this number is divisible by 3 because sum of the digits is 27 and it is divisible by 3. 12 is divisible by both 3 and 4. Thus 923184 is divisible by 12. Also any number that is divisible by 12 is divisible by 2, 3, and 4 and 6. Because all these are factors of 12.
12 also takes special place in most of the mathematical calculations as it is easy to divide it into fractions. Half of 12 is 6. Quarter of 12 is 3. 3/4th of 12 is 9. That is why 12 units make a dozen. Thus in most of the problems we can assume total unit to be having multiple of 12, so that we can calculate the different fractions easily. I will explain more about using the same, when we solve such problems.

Thus today you have learnt tests of divisibility. You can practice the same by writing big numbers which are cumbersome to divide without the help of calculator, and try the tests of divisibility rule and check if it is divisible by a particular number.


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